Promoting Third Age Education

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Promoting Third Age Education (P3AE)
līguma nr. 2016-1-LV01-KA204-022712

Mērķis: to increase the wellbeing and quality of life of senior citizens by understanding their needs, creating education and social integration options, raising basic skills and promoting adult education for senior citizens.


  1. To benchmark the situation of senior adult education in partner countries;
  2. To develop Methodology for senior education;
  3. To create ICT Senior Learning Platform with several online courses for seniors;
  4. To educate the educators working with senior adult learning;
  5. To promote and disseminate the project results, solutions and opportunities for lifelong learning in the third age in partner countries and internationally.

Mērķa grupa: seniori no 50 gadu vecuma, kuri nav aktīvi darba tirgus dalībnieki, līdz ar to nav iesaistīti mūžizglītības aktivitātēs (and therefore missing the lifelong learning opportunities).

Galvenās aktivitātes: benchmarking; international train the trainer event (1 event), six (five national and one international) multiplication events and other dissemination activities; piloting of 4 courses and Methodology (5 piloting sessions); 5 project meetings.


  1. Benchmarking reports of the state-of-the-art situation on education for adult seniors in partner countries,
  2. Methodology in three levels;
  3. ICT Senior Learning platform with at least 4 online courses, which are combined with face-to-face learning.

Metodoloģija: The methodology we will apply in the project follows a logical approach: 1) understanding of the situation and revealing the success factors for most productive promotion of the education for seniors, 2) combining the benchmarking and competences of the partners, the Methodology will be developed covering three different levels - education process (work with individual), organizational level and political, 3) ICT platform will be developed as a senior learning platform; it will also host developed Methodology and the courses elaborated by project partners specially for seniors. The partners will develop plan for future use of this ICT platform in order to foster its use in wider EU area as an exchange point for courses for seniors. Any educational organisation in EU could translate these courses and adapt to national conditions.

Iesaistīt plānotie dalībnieki:
There are 5 participants in the project with a combination and mix of various competences: SIA Latconsul (Latvia) - adult education centre; Kretinga Teacher Education Centre (Lithuania) which hosts Third Age University; Kurzeme NGO support centre (Latvia) - wants to build up third age education in Kurzeme; Slovenian Third Age University (Slovenia) and adult education centre DomSpain (Spain). All these organisations will work with senior adult trainers, seniors, and stakeholders to develop further and promote third age education concept.

Projekta īstenošanas pamatojums: Aging population nowadays is a global trend and a challenge. Population aging is taking place in nearly all the countries of the world. This process leads to a relative reduction in the proportion of children and to an increase in the share of people in the main working ages and of older persons in the population. The statistics show that senior citizens are often missing out the lifelong learning opportunities, although lifelong learning is one of the key factors of successful aging and helps the wellbeing of seniors in later life, stimulating their social inclusion, interest education and interest in life. The older the age group, the less they participate in education and training. However, participation in lifelong learning can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of senior adults.

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