General description of the project

Aim: to promote social exclusion risk group  – long term chronic patients – re – integration in the job market and at the same time in the society. It will be done by motivating and supporting target group to learn new different level IT skills during the illness. 

Place for implementation: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Rīga, Norvēģija

Implementation period: 01.09.2014. – 30.04.2016.

In the framework of the project several activities will be done:

 – research about IT skills required in the job market, infrastructure and social climate in hospitals as well as long term patients needs;

 – overtake of the good experience form the Norway;

 – development of the Distance learning programme for IT skills acquisition in two different levels;

 – piloting of the developed programme in 4 hospitals of Latvia.

 – to reach as large proportion of target audience as possible, comprehensive dissemination and advertising campaign will be organised.

As a result, interactive Distance learning programme for IT skills acquisition will be developed and tested, about 100 long term chronic patient will acquire new IT skills, 4 hospitals will introduce learning system in their daily practice and about 1000 target group representatives will be informed about possibilities to learn new skills by developed programme. 


Project manager:
Ilze Pleša
Tel. 20268240

Project coordinator in Kurzeme
Inese Siliņa
Tel. 29811722


Project is financially supported by EEA Grants and Latvia. | | |