Project activities in 2014

Project manager Imandra Galandere-Zīle on the course of implementation: Continuing what was started in 2013, this year has also begun with busy work on activity implementation.

 Successful collaboration with the State Chancellery in the area of good management development in public administration continues. The second State Chancellery and KVALB jointly organised event took place in January. The discussion seminar for the interest group “Quality management in state administration” was opened by Eva Upīte, Deputy Director of the State Chancellery, who also informed about current events and news in the state administration.

Imandra Galandere-Zīle, Director of the Quality and Risk Management Department of the Treasury, shared her experiences in successful maintenance and improvement of quality and risk management systems in state administration, whereas Ilze Kausa, Deputy Director of the Treasury Quality and Risk Management Department, shared her insights of the 7th European Quality Conference of EUPAN (European Public Administration Network) that took place in Lithuania in October 2013. Regular experience exchange events will take place also later in 2014 to popularise good management principles and continue development of quality management in the state administration.

 In March KVALB organised a seminar for its members and volunteers on the use of social media. All gained knowledge for more efficient use of social media, and also on how to improve KVALB work by it. The Latvian Society of Quality has now joined two new platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

 Collaboration with Kurzeme NGO Support Centre also continues to develop. Currently it involves planning organisation of regional informative events, as well as promoting the popularisation and implementation of good management principles in Latvia and its regions.

 Within the framework of the project, KVALB web page is improved and updated on a regular basis with the latest information about project activities and involvement opportunities. All information about planned activities and achieved results of the project is available under the section ‘Projects’ of the web page.

 The object of the project is to promote the understanding of the civil society on good management, including quality management, by expanding KVLAB activities to national level by creating regional support centres. It is also planned to strengthen KVALB capacity by both training members, and improving its activity, as well as gaining experience in NGO management.”



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