Overview of the 2013th the works

The first year of the Latvian Society for Quality’s implemented European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism project “For sustainable development with good management” has concluded.

Project manager Imandra Galandere-Zīle took a look back at 2013: “The first year of implementing the project has been a good push for the Latvian Society’s for Quality (KVALB) development and goal employment. Activities within the 2013 project plan were very ambitious. There is satisfaction that with successful team-work all planned activities have been carried out and a work plan for 2014 has been prepared.

Activities carried out in 2013 include the development of KVALB medium-term organization strategy, KVALB regional competencies centre development initiative in co-operation with Kurzeme NGO Support Centre (KNVOAC), experience exchange visits to Talsi NGOs to adopt good practice in NGO management, development of KVALB interest group activity provisions, and improvement of the KVALB web page www.kvalb.lv. Active work on other project activities continued at the end of the year.

To popularize KVALB activities, an informative brochure was made in November, which includes information about KVALB mission, vision and goals, its main partners, achievements, as well as information on what we offer our members and what are the benefits from joining KVALB.

December also marked the conclusion of the KVALB member and volunteer training cycle on event moderation and interest group managing, where all participants gained new knowledge and experience.

Last year KVALB also began collaboration with the State Chancellery in the area of good management development in public administration, which has to be mentioned as a significant achievement. The partnership produced the first jointly organized event in December – a discussion seminar for the interest group “Quality management in state administration”. Eva Upīte, Deputy Director of the State Chancellery, said the opening remarks at the seminar, emphasizing the importance of good management in the organization of state administration work and expressing determination to organize regular state administration quality manager discussion events henceforward. The discussion was also opened by Imandra Galandere-Zīle, KVALB Member of the Board, who expressed her satisfaction about the creation of the mutual co-operation and the highlighting of quality management issues in the state administration. Representatives from various state administration institutions, including the State Chancellery, the State Agency of Medicines and BA School of Business and Finance, participated. The event concluded with active discussions and an agreement to continue experience exchange events in 2014 to promote good management principles and develop quality management within the state administration.

Within the project framework, in December KVALB members participated in its partner’s KNVOAC event, celebrating both its 15th anniversary, and a conference that promoted complying with good management principles within Kurzeme municipalities for collaboration with the civil society and mutual good practice exchange.

Another activity that took place at the end of 2013, was a research on social media use possibilities to reach KVALB goals. It is planned to begin a wider use of social media in 2014 to promote the use of good management principles to a larger part of the society.

Since the implementation period will continue until November 2015, we encourage KVALB members and interested parties to take a more active part in the work of KVALB, as well as to join us in achieving our mutual goals.

The object of the project is to promote the understanding of the civil society on good management, including quality management, by expanding KVLAB activities to national level by creating regional support centres. It is also planned to strengthen KVALB capacity by both training members, and improving its activity, as well as gaining experience in NGO management.”

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