For sustainable development with good management

By the end of 2012 Latvian Society for Quality (KVALB) began the application preparation for the Society Integration Foundationand the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 programme “NGO fund” sub-programme “NGO activity support measure” (more information about EEA Financial Mechanism and programme “NGO fund” here).

The application assessment stage closed on July and, with great satisfaction, we received news that the Society Integration Foundation had approved the project submitted by KVALB – “For sustainable development with good management”. The total implementation period for the project: 01.08.2013. – 30.11.2015.

KVALB co-operation partner in implementing this project is Kurzeme NGO Support Centre (KNVOAC,

The object of the project „For sustainable development with good management” is to strengthen the understanding of the civil society on good management and transparency that is aimed at ensuring Latvia’s sustainability by expanding KVLAB activities from a local level to a national level organization, creating regional support centres, as well as promoting KVALB and KNVOAC institutional and human resources capacity strengthening for regular and long term collaboration in the policy and decision making process.


Activities in five main directions will be carried out during the project:

I Promoting participation of the civil society in policy-making process

Ensured participation of KVALB and society involvement in policy-making work groups, provided proposals, informative events and expert publications on effective management principles and good practice examples.

II Improvement of KVALB management and participation model

– Elaborated KVALB medium-term strategic planning document;

– Formed KVALB management system and developed basic activity process maps.

III Foundation of KVALB regional support centres

The work of KVALB regional support centres will be managed within the created cooperation network, providing organisation of work group meetings and regional events on good management in Latvia and foreign countries, thus supporting regional development and balance.

IV Improvement of KVALB and KNVOAC member professional skills and knowledge

– Member and volunteer training, and participation in other Latvian and foreign NGO organised events;

– Experience exchange events to adopt good practice of NGO.

V Promotion of good management principles and civil society understanding

Organise a conference in Latvia on good management and transparency, inviting Latvian professionals and world renowned experts, at the same time recruiting new members and attracting additional funding to ensure KVALB long-term operation.

Area of activity: Riga and Kurzeme Region, establishing co-operation network in Latvian regions.

The object of the 2013 work plan is to strengthen the civil society in Latvia, as well as KVALB activity within the sub-programme support areas stated in paragraph 4 of the Regulations No. 698 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia – good governance and transparency, and democracy and participatory democracy. Thus it will begin KVALB activity expansion from a local level to a national level organization, arranging work groups and the creation of regional support centres, as well as strengthening KVALB and KNVOAC institutional and human resources capacity, developing a medium term strategic document, initiating the activity provision of at least one interest group, and organizing member and volunteer training on managing various interest groups by using Project management principles and acquiring fundamentals of leadership, event moderation, discussion planning and management, and strengthening of KVALB and KNVOAC capacity, and providing financial support.

To achieve the goal of the project, such activities will be carried within the work plan of 2013:

1. Information gathered on involvement possibilities in state administration, NGO sector and policy-making work groups.

2. Creation and support of KVALB interest groups to promote good management principles and involvement in processes.

3. Foundation of KVALB regional support / competencies centres through creating a Latvian NGO cooperation network.

4. Experience exchange with other Latvian NGOs to adopt good practice on NGO management system creation and task management.

5. Development of KVALB medium-term strategic planning document for the improvement of KVALB management and involvement model.

6. Improvement of KVALB and KNVOAC member professional skills and knowledge by training members and volunteers on event organization and management.

7. Development and publication of a quarterly electronic newsletter to promote good management principles and understanding of the civil society.

8. Research on social media use to promote KVALB aims and good management principles to a larger part of the civil society.

9. Participation in events organized by other Latvian NGOs to expand cooperation possibilities for the attainment of KVALB objectives.

10. Informative and publicity events about the implementation of the project.

11. Project administration for its successful implementation.